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The history of the cow


Cows are cows with a cow cow cow and a cow cow with a little cowwy cow cow cow. So if cow dont calf, then cow calf cow calf calf cow with meow meow bark bark cow. So you see, this is why you should go to the doctor every 100 years. do you like ice cream sandwiches? cause yummy in my tummy! did you know that HEEPOs are HEEPO? (inside joke)


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Yes, i know, this was the wirst post evar.


Louie isn’t my favorite character in the game. He was definitely worse then olimar and the president but the thing is, Louie seems to have his eyes wide open sometimes because, well i dk. DONKEY KONG! NO! dk does not have to mean Donkey kong, but DK does. Just look at the differences dk, DK, dk, DK, dk, DK, dk, DK, dk, DK! UNDERSTAND!? NOT DONKEY KONG RAAAAAAAAAHHHH!


Pikmin 1

In Pikmin 1 Captain Olimar crashes on the pikmin planet. At the time it was unknown. He lands in The Impact Site. After you recover your first ship part, you can luckily fly again, but now you can go to The Forest of Hope. I have not passed The Forest of Hope, but i have tried to get some ship parts but it always ended with these 2 words. Pikmin Extinction. I cant say much about this game really. I have not played it enough. But i can say it has a time limit for 30 days unlike Pikmin 2 which is probably longer because of all the holes in it and lots of treasure and more like there is no time limit so you can explore more into the world and you dont need 30 ship parts. You need 10,000 pokos! Pikmin 1 has some of things i love along with pikmin 2. AWESOMENESS!!

Flower Pikmin

Flower Pikmin are pikmin that broke some egg-like thing and drank the nectar inside it. I know that it can be a weird way to become a more improved pikmin, but it is probably some unknown juicy stuff that only pikmin use. I havent seen one in pikmin 1 because I barely played it because i only started a few days ago. In pikmin 2, i am very far in the game, so i saw Flower Pikmin in pikmin 2. Though each pikmin can change into a flower pikmin, Purple and Maybe white pikmin have pinkish-purple flowers.

Hey! I have a PINK flower! not PINKISH-PURPLE!

Bye guys!

Awakening Wood

Awakening Wood is the second place in pikmin 2. The Holes here are, Hole of BeastsWhite Flower GardenBulblax Kingdom, and the Snagret Hole. You meet White and Blue Pikmin here. I met Flower Pikmin here too. But it is possible you didnt so that doesnt matter. To get to Awakening Wood you need to find half of a globe in the Valley of Repose. And to get to Perplexing Pool, find the half a globe in Awakening Wood. Awakening Wood is probably the place with most poison, so make sure to go to the White Flower Garden where you find white pikmin. Though Awakening Wood’s Snagret Hole is hard, dont just skip it. Just like other holes like Bulblax Kingdom, Shower Room, and more. If you are like me, then you would probably think that awakening wood’s map can get a little confusing sometimes, so makey sure to turn all the wood into bridges to give you shortcuts to far away places. Awakening Wood is pretty plain, so dont  tell me its gets boring after exploring it as days go on, because i know that already!